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    Jindex Product Range and Spares

Jindex product range


Pinch valves
Pinch nozzle valves
Dart valves
Lime valves
Check valves
Non-return valves
Ceramic chunk valves
Ceramic valves
Hopper valves
Knife gate valves
Pressure air release valve
Ball valves
Butterfly valves
Duckbill rubber check valve
Gate valves
Air release valves
Wear detector sleeves
Slurry check valves
Tailings valves


Slurry samplers
Dry powder samplers


Double acting pneumatic
Single acting pneumatic with spring
Hand wheel and gearbox

Jindex engineered designs

Dart diverter boxes
Pneumatic control cabinets
Fail safe systems
Valve controls

Other products

High wear spigots & spools
Rubber mining hoses

Jindex spares

Pinch valve sleeve range

Extensive stock
Full bore
Reduced bore
Cone sleeves
Variable sleeves wall thickness

Grade of rubber

o   Natural rubber
o   Butyl rubber
o   Nitrile rubber
o   Neoprene
o   Polyurethane
o   ReoThane
o   Hypalon

Replacements for most brands

Ceramic chunk valves spares

Actuator spares

Actuator seal kit spares

Control element accessories

Valve componentry

Any other spare component