• Nozzle Check Valve
    Nozzle Check Valve

Nozzle Check Valve 

Jindex are pleased to represent Europa Valve who design and build to the latest technology Non Slam Nozzle Type Check Valves. Some of the many typical applications were Non Slam Nozzle Check Valves should be used:

  • Reciprocation Compressor Discharge (Sizing is critical for this application)nozzle
  • Rapid Closure requirements
  • Low Pressure Drop Requirements
  • Salt Water Fire Safety Systems Due To Critically Of This Service
  • Desalination Reverse Osmosis Process
  • Critical Applications
  • Non Serviceable Locations *
  • High system deceleration applications
  • Elevate Valve Slamming applications
  • High Temperature critical applications
  • Cryogenic Application
  • Mine Dewatering Systems
  • Lethal Service **

Jindex welcome your inquires and for ease of technical reference we have linked to the Europa Valve Ltd web site.