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Lime, (CaCO3), calcium carbonate is a very common mineral used in many industries.  Lime has two main uses, as a 12-15% slurry called ‘Milk of Lime’ and used a pH modifier or it is calcined and converted into Calcium Oxide (CaO) powder for use in many industries, including cement.

The Milk of Lime is a difficult slurry to handle for any equipment as it is prone to two main problems, which create maintenance headaches for processing plants:

Scale formapic_6tion – This occurs mainly in areas of low vapour pressure around moving parts and  flow discontinuity hence most valves types suffer from seizing, seat leakage or inability to seal. (Use picture from brochure showing scale)

High Wear Rates – As the CaCO3 is only sparingly soluble does not dissolve very well in water, the undissolved particles must be kept suspended by high pipe velocities. This, combined with the fact that the particles are very angular and sharp, creates the perfect condition for high wear in isolation and control valves.

For many years traditional pinch valves and other valves have been tried in Milk of Lime applications and have developed a mixed reputation. Because the application is so abrasive and difficult, only the best design and materials can have any hope of success.

Jindex has now developed a specific “Lime Valve” to combat Milk of Lime slurry issues.

The design is based on our patented Jindex Pinch Valve which(as it has certain inherent advantages) with additional design enhancements to overcome the issues faced by traditional pinch valves and other valve types.

Jindex “Lime Valve” Features and Benefits

  • Smooth full port valve – minimizes low pressure zones and crevices for scale build up
  • Flexible sleeve cracks off scale build up – Self-cleaning, no chance for valve seizure, maintains stable control.
  • Will seal shut even with solids on seat – safer
  • Double pinching –  minimizes sleeve stress and therefore extends sleeve life
  • Use of Jindex developed Limatec sleeve material – gives longer sleeve life than standard rubbers
  • Use of over-sized valves – extends sleeve wear life
  • Use of oversized actuators – gives better control
  • Inclusion of Jindex Patented “Fast Sleeve Change “ System – reduces maintenance downtime


Sizes Available
Control modes
Materials of construction


Control protocols available

0-10 bar
25 – 500 mm
On/Off, modulating
Body = Mild steel (As Milk of lime is passivating to mild steel)
Internals = Mild steel and 316 SS
Limatec, natural rubber
Handwheel, Electric,  DA Pneumatic, Spring to Close and Open single acting pneumatic
Jindex brand – All international brands are supported
Cycling solenoid
4-20 mA
Foundation Fieldbus
Others on application


Applications and Industries:pic_123

  • Mineral processing – pH control gold processing and flotation circuits
  • Desalination Water treatment  – Final pH modification
  • Coal fired power stations –  Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Waste Water Treatment – Heavy metal precipitation
  • Drinking Water treatment – Water color control, pH m