• Jindex Slurry Samplers
    Jindex Slurry Samplers

Jindex Slurry Sampler

Jindex has a vast range of slurry samplers available to meet the needs of the market.  Slurry samplers can be used for applications such as composite sampling, daily shift samples, grab samplers, sampling campaigns and calibration of densitometers.


  • Poppet sampler
  • Thief Sampler
  • X-cut Sampler
  • Coarse Sampler
  • Custom designed samplers


  • Eliminates product spillage
  • Compact design
  • Line pressure not exposed to atmosphere
  • Water flushing if required
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Moving parts fully removed from the line in the non-sampling
  • position to extend the sampler life
  • Simple and robust