• Dry Powder Sampler
    Dry Powder Sampler

Dry Powder Sampler

Jindex Dry Powder Sampler has been specifically designed to sample pneumatically conveyed dry powders. Each sample cut produces 125 cm3 of dry powder, making this an ideal sampler to produce a shift or composite sample. Ideally they are installed in vertical pipelines with the dry powder flowing downwards onto the sampler. In orderSo that the sample is taken from the centre of the pipeline, the Jindex Dry Powder Sampler has been designed to match the bore of the pipeline.


  • Pneumatic Piston Actuated
  • Electric Actuator Option.
  • Timed / untimed solenoid valves
  • Control boxes for automated sampling.
  • Proximity switches


  • Eliminates product spillage
  • Compact design
  • Line pressure not exposed to atmosphere
  • Air purging if required
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Moving parts fully removed from the line in the non-sampling position to extend the sampler life
  • Simple and robust


  • Composite sampling
  • Daily shift or composite sample (do we need composite here again?)
  • Grab samplers
  • Sampling campaigns