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    Dart Valves

Dart Valve

Jindex dart valves are primarily designed for flow control within open-topped slurry tanks, cells, channels or splitter boxes.

There are numerous variations including self-contained internal valves which are factory calibrated and installed as a single unit and internal valves which have a bolt down seat cage with only a shaft extending to the actuation unit. Both types offer the stability and reliability advantages of head-guiding where the plug is guided into the seat with guide bars set out all around the plug.

A number of sealed versions for pressurized vessels are also available.  These also allow ideal sampling points in the dart valve body for Jindex sampling valves.

Typical Dart Valve Applications

  • Large flotation machines.
  • Distribution boxes.
  • Splitter boxes.
  • Open channels.
  • Conditioner tanks.

Features of the Dart Valves include:

  • Long lasting, hard wearing polyurethane plugs.
  • Abrasion resistant seat and guide options.
  • Fully customisable design, including other plug materials when required.
  • Anti-Rotation device on the mechanism or actuator.


  • Actuation: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic etc.
  • Failsafe systems open, close or last position.
  • Proportional position control using the customer’s preferred brand and type.
  • Safety Guarding.