• About Jindex
    About Jindex

Established in 1995, Jindex is a highly qualified and experienced team that develop, patent and commercialise process flow control equipment.

Jindex is a recognized participant of the global valve industry with global representation agreements to supply our products locally and internationally.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in process flow control and the valve industry and we are accredited to ISO9001: Accredited: 2008 Quality Management Certification.

Jindex have patents on a range of valve technology and control equipment.

Our head office and primary manufacturing facility is in Sydney, Australia. 


Mineral processing 
Paste backfill
Power generation
Pulp and paper
Water and waste management
Oil sands
Foundry and pneumatic conveying
Effluent treatment
Aluminum refining
Oil and gas
Sand and gravel

The Jindex difference

  • We offer process flow control knowledge, not sales techniques
  • We are valve designers and manufacturers with multiple valve patents
  • We work with you to ensure the right valve at the lowest cost in each process duty
  • We supply most valve types and control systems, locally and internationally
  • We manufacture and source valves to meet short delivery requirements
  • Our in-house team design to meet unusual process conditions